Product Description: This is for the supply and fit of cruise control to your Audi A1.
Only genuine Audi parts are used in the installation of this product.
The work done can be done on a call out basis however this may be subject to a call out fee.
Basic operation: Drive the vehicle above 20mph, press the set button,
the vehicle will now stay at this speed.
You also have a + button to increase speed and a – button to decrease speed.
You also have a resume button to resume previous speed. Clutch and/or brake will cancel it.
This will operate the exact same as factory fitted.
All Models will display the Green Light when the cruise control is activated.
The cruise control will also allow you to preset you speed in the instrument display. 
The exact operation for the specific cruise control will be in your vehicles owners manual.

Please Note: Models with Keyless Start require a special order lower trim.
Please specify this when making a booking.

All Parts are Genuine Audi and come with a 2 year warranty. Installation usually takes 2-3 hours.

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